Arek & Gosia Wedding Photos

We were lucky enough to join Gosia & Arek and shoot their spectacular day. Even when everyone was a little bit worried about the weather, it turned out to be a fairly good day with almost no rain. For us – it was an amazing wedding, where we just couldn’t stop taking photos.  


With over 100 guests and a band which was bringing the good vibes onto the dancefloor, we almost ended up dancing with the guests instead of taking photos :)


The biggest surprise was still about to be revealed.
It turned out, that the bride got her wedding dress one day before the wedding. You should see our faces when we were told about it :D


How crazy is that?


Below we have added some photos.
Little more than usual but worth it!


A wedding like the above is always a great way to capture wonderful photos.
Not only the posed ones, where the bride is kissing the freshly married husband, but also the candid ones,
where guests are having great fun on the dancefloor.

Sometimes we feel very lucky, to be able to capture emotions as they happen.
Some people may say, that those are just the photos, but we see them as something more.
A captured moment which will never happen again.
And this is what we believe means the most with wedding photography

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