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Coleshill wedding photos

James & Paige - Wedding - Coleshill

Coleshill Wedding Photos of Mr and Mrs Wilson wedding

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to participate in Paige and James wedding ceremony.

Once we have arrived at the bride’s place, we have found that everyone is in a great mood.
For us, it did look, that maids of honour have done a wonderful job, which was to keep the future bride happy and relaxed.

Church ceremony took place in a charming, historical village (Coleshill).
Below is the photo of the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart and Saint Teresa.

Wedding venue took place at Coleshill Hotel.
Thanks to the speeches, we’ve learned that brides favourite childhood story was Beauty and the Beast, which explained the wedding theme.

We are more than happy that we could join this wonderful couple on this important day and be with them all day long from the start, till the very late hours.
We wish them all the best and in the meantime, we encourage you to check the photos.

Hope you did enjoy the photos.
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Coleshill Wedding Photos:
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Maternity photosession in Birmingham

Maternity photosession in Birmingham was something, that we wanted to accomplish just before this Christmas.

Everyone knows how busy it gets with all the preparations.
All this running before this special time of the year and all this stress...

We think, that in this time of the year, people should try to get some more rest than usual.
A little slowdown can make a big difference.

A photo shooting session, which is something different than usual, can also make a difference.
And after such a session, many couples do prefer to share their photos with their closest families.

That's why in this December of 2016, we would like to invite you just to have a quick look through this photo gallery as we just had a chance, to create some unique photos.

From the photographers point of view, we can only say a big thank you to the happy couple.
Thank you for the time that we have spent together, filled with joy and laugh.
Taking photos when everyone is happy and smiling is always a great experience.

We already had one photosession with this couple and each time it is a pleasure to work with them.

You can find our Autumn session from Sutton Colffield park under this link


The newest photos, this time from maternity / pregnancy photo session are below:


Dorota & Marcin - Wedding Photos

Dorota & Marcin - Wedding Photos

Dorota & Marcin – Wedding Photos

Dorota & Marcin – Wedding Photos

I met Marcin (the groom) in 2002.
More specifically, I’ve met him because we’ve started our high school education and we shared the school bench.

After such a long time, I can truly say that he is one of those “best friends” forever.
And that’s why once we (me and my wife) heard that we are invited to his wedding,
nothing could stop us from saying: “Yes, we will be there with you” :)

The Ceremony was held in a traditional church which was located not so far from our home city.
At the venue, there was a great band, which was inviting everyone to the dance floor.
I mean everyone! Even I was dancing, which isn’t such an obvious thing for myself :)

So it was a great party with plenty of guests, happy and smiling bride – what do you need more?

Once we have arrived back home, we thought that it would be great to edit the photos and offer those as a kind of a gift from us.
So we just wanted to say a big Thank you because we had a wonderful time.

It was a beautiful wedding, filled with emotions and at the venue was amazing thanks to the band.

It was a great wedding Dorota and Marcin!
We wish you absolutely all the best in your life and we are hoping to see you soon!

Below we have prepared some examples of the photos from this amazing wedding.

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Wedding photographers

Martyna & Kamil - Wedding

Wedding photos of Martyna and Kamil

It’s not easy to be the guests and at the same time wedding photographers.
But I think we have managed to combine two roles.

However, it all started some time ago so a little background is necessary.

Kłodzko is one of those cities, which links directly to Poland’s lower silesia area.
In my opinion, you can’t imagine this particular part without this city.
Surrounding areas are filled with castles, lakes and Sudety mountains which all together make a wonderful scenery.

So when Kamil asked us to attend his wedding as the guests, and that the wedding will be hosted in Kłodzko –
he did not have to wait long for the confirmation of our visit.
We have done a flight check quickly enough to find some good connection. Next, we have made the bookings and once checked in at Kłodzko,
we have not only attended a beautiful wedding but also made some great wedding photos of a lovely couple.

As a summary and as the second set of wedding photographers: We would like only to congratulate to the newly, freshly married couple.
We would like also to wish them all the best in their new, joined future and hope that we will see each other again very soon.

As a gift from us, please do accept those wedding photos as a small souvenir from your big day.

All the best to Martyna and Kamil!

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