Professional print-outs – a small review

Recently we have received a voucher to test one of the highly recognizable photo labs – Saal Digital.
This photo lab does provide professional print-outs including photo books, canvas prints, posters, calendars and many more.

As we always look for the best quality for our customers, we have decided to use the voucher and order a canvas print.

The order process is quite easy. After visiting the website, customers can download Saal Digital software to order prints.
When ready, I would suggest to first – look at Saal Digitals offer to check what type of a print, you would prefer to order.
Next – basically import photos into the software. 
Software is not only easy to use when it comes to prepare the prints, but also easy when it comes to place an order.
A step-by-step guide leads the user from the beginning till the end.
When you will be certainly sure that everything looks fine – just click order, enter payment details and wait for delivery.

After we have placed the first order, I was very surprised, that the package has been delivered so quickly.
I was even more surprised when I have noticed how well it was packed.

But (unfortunately), I have noticed, that colors are slightly faded out.
I have double check that our monitor is calibrated, and found that everything is absolutely fine.
Just in case – I have compared print outs from another photo lab to the photo from the screen and was able to confirm,
that something bad happened at photo lab.


Photo of Castellane
Castellane – Provance – France


I have contacted Saal Digital and they have advised to check by softproofing using their ICC profiles.
I have done it, checked again the monitor and again found that colors were not matching.

After couple of e-mail, Saal Digital apologized for the print and offered to us another print (by a voucher).



Second order

This time, instead of ordering the canvas, we have ordered a completely different print-out media, called Alu-Dibond.
Quality of the print out is very impressive and color profile on the print out is 97% match of what we could see on our monitors.

The comparison is below.

Original photo sent to lab
Alu-Dibond print out on the wall




Delivery was ultra fast – big plus!
The print quality is on a very high standard.
Customer service responds quickly to all messages.
I can only say – that Saal Digital looks like a great partner to work with. 

We will (for sure) add Saal Digital products to our offer.


We do encourage you to visit their website to check for more.

You can easily find them by google, but if you would prefer direct links, see below:
UK customers:
For Polish customers:
and for customers from Germany: