What about some dog photosession at the camping site?

Some people may say, that camping in Wales at the end of August is something crazy.
That it is too cold or that it’s getting dark too soon etc.

After we have pitched up the tent, we have started with some walks around the camping park.

We think, that late summer is the best time to do some great photos.
And this dog photosession at the Fforest Fields Caravan and Camping Park was absolutely amazing. 

It was a lovely place to stay, the owners were so super friendly and the weather was delighted.
And we also have to say, that surrounding areas were just great.
Even the small hill was charming in it’s own special way.

At the evening we had a walk around the campsite.
We have seen the small pool in which ducks and swans were carefully observing our photosession.
The quietness of this place was something superb and it was one of those trips, which I will remember very well.

As the weather is not getting any better now, probably we will have to wait until the next season starts and who know, maybe we will visit this place again. 

On this occasion we have done a really long trip around the famous Breacon Beacons Waterfalls.
Next time we hope to check what is more to see around and head to the Breacon Beacons for some longer walks.

At the end we were not only happy from the views itself, but also super satisfied that Luna was exhausted on the way back home.
The only sad part of this trip was when it was the time to pack ourselves and head back home.

We are hoping to come back again