Christmas family photo session in Birmingham was something very unplanned.
It was something that we have done on a side of the recent maternity photosession (link here)

Once all the cameras were set, it was quite easy to take some additional photos.
Couple of blankets, some red tartan alike shirts and to this mix we have to add one happy family.
So cameras! Action! Go!

And, here it is…
we have set a Christmas alike scenery to photoshoot the family alltogether using just two cameras, couple of lenses and a remote flashlight. But as we always say, it’s not (always) just a matter of an equipment that we use, but also the experience. 
A better equipment is just a tool.
A tool which allows us to work more efficiently, without technical glitches and with quicker effects.

For the upcoming Christmas time of 2016, we are still planning to make one more christmas photosession.
The only thing that it’s missing (yet) is white fluffy snow and an outdoor scenery.

But no matter if we will be taking photos, or if we will have a short break from being the “busy” photographers, we are still looking forward into Christmas this year. No matter if it will be white with plenty of snow or just grey-ish rainy.

Who knows.. maybe to take some photos with beatiful snow we will have to head up north to Scotland? Or at least the Lake District?

Time will show.


In the meantime, please have a look through the photos below and let us know what you think.