Our approach

We offer flexible approach to all events taking photos at our studio, outdoor, at the event venue or at the customer site.
We don’t think that there is job too small or too big.
No matter if it’s a wedding for 100+ people or a family session with grandparents, we can cover all the needs.
With providing services across West Midlands, we are not limited to any specific region and based on the requirement, we can travel probably to any place on the globe (wherever necessary).
We can provide photos through online gallery, send you the download link or provide those on DVD or USB media. 
Recently we have started to cooperate with several labs and media suppliers including aluminium composite wall panels with the highest quality prints or engraved personalised USB memory sticks
All customers photos are kept safe for 5 years after the session took place including several backups and online storage.

Why us

With over 10 years of experience in photography, we can provide reliable service with a flexible approach to the customers requirements. We cover the weddings as two photographers to make sure that we will catch all the precious moments of the event. 
And with two photographers, you will always have two different perspectives which is a “+”.
During wedding preparation, one of us will be with a groom and the other one will cover the brides preparation.
At the wedding ceremony, when there are two photographers, we just don’t have to run around the church to capture all those precious moments (and this also does not distrupt the ceremony itself).
Also – we have found ourselves to work more effectively with family photosessions, where sometimes one of us will be there just keeping your kid entertained to make sure he will have a wonderful smile captured by the “second” photographer. So it is just easier and much more relaxed. Not only for us – but also for you :)




What services are we providing

Apart from wedding services, we do offer family portraits, outdoor plenary photo sessions, photo reportage from christenings, holy communions, kids photos, engagement sessions, new-borns, product/merchandise photography and video post-production/editing and many more. Today, we provide our services not only in UK, but also in Poland and Slovakia and across the Europe for families and friends. 



We have been awarded

Our selected photos were awarded as “Best Photos (random category) in 2016 (7th place) and in 2011 (6th place) by lenstip.com.
Awards like this always drive us to do better and better each photo we take.




What do we offer

All our wedding packages offer same level of professionalism. This is including taking photos with our Canon DSRL cameras, post producing those in Adobe software and providing the highest quality of prints. Since 2012 we have decided to provide an additional online gallery to our every package. We do backup photos on multiple data carriers and kept safe for minimum of 5 years. Depending on customer needs, we can provide the results on DVD discs (blank or personalised), USB flash drives (can be personalised as well), print outs and photo albums. Additional photo medias are available including canvas prints and photo gifts.
All the photos given to the customer are in a full resolution for full usage of the customer’s needs. Those photos can be shared, printed and are prepared for the photo-labs with ICC colour profile. It is to ensure that those will come in the best possible quality.



Our way with wedding photography

At the Wedding events, we do offer traditional photography (posed and un-posed) and also the “fly-on-the-wall” reportage (photojournalism). But it all depends what the bride and groom wants, so we can float around in the background or stay with bride or groom all the time. We can also organise a special themed photo session for the guests.

              We can be cover all parts of the wedding  which means that we, as photographers, can start working with the bridal and the groom at his home. Next move to the church, reception, and venue at any location of their choice. The time frame of work might be flexible, as there are situations, where something unexpected may come, and if there is a need for us to start earlier, or stay longer, than we will be there until needed.

                At most of the times, we do offer an unlimited amount of photos from the wedding day. This will include the bridal and the groom preparations, through the reception and the wedding party. Depending on the freshly married couple decision – this may also include the outdoor plenary photo shooting session.


Our equipment
(the boring stuff)

   We use Canon full frame cameras and Canon APS-C cameras as backups, with Canon, Sigma and Samyang lenses. For the flash accessories, we use the Canon Speedlites, Yongnuo flashes, Phottix  and Yongnuo wireless transmitters, softboxes, softlighters and more. For every event, we have the necessary equipment, to make sure that we can photo shoot in every conditions. To provide the best quality of the photos, we edit the files on a top level monitors from Eizo. Those monitors can offer a wider spectrum of colours than standard monitors. It is to make sure that every photo and every print will have the best colours, contrast, brightness that photography can offer. However – as this is just the equipment, we keep upgrading things from time to time. This is just to make sure that you (the end customer), will get the service meeting higher standard levels.


Where do we work

We live at Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham.

For sure it will be easier if the even will take place somewhere in Birmingham and surrounding areas of West Midlands. This includes Warwick, Stratford, Coventry, Tamworth, Cannock, Redditch, Strafford and similar. However if there will be a wedding in Scotland, than this wouldn’t also be a problem for us.

Sometimes, we do fly from UK to Poland to take photos because nowadays it is really not a big problem.


How it all started

It was somewhere around 2006 when we have realised that photography is something which drives us the most. Since then we were constantly trying to do better photos in our own style.
Not only we have started with wedding photography, but also attented plenty of photographers conventions, fairs and training courses.

We think that the most important thing to do is do something which you love, and our thing is photography.


Something about ourselves
(if you are still interested ;-) )


I can say that we are absolutely mad when it comes to coffee.
And probably that’s one of our biggest addictions.
Even if our accent does not sound “brummie” at all, we do speak English quite well.
We are vegetarians and we just love to travel (and we do travel a lot).

We do also believe, that what comes around, comes around
and if you will be good to the world, the world will be good to you.

But.. if you do have any questions – feel free to ask.
And if you would like to pop in for a glass of a tea or coffee,
please let us know, you’re more than welcome to visit us.

We do also encourage you to follow us on instagram, facebook
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If you would like to contact us, please visit our contact page here.
We are also replying to messages by e-mail or facebook.