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Hi! We are Karolina and Mario – married couple who loves photographing weddings. We simply enjoy working with happy people! (and doing some photography)

We are based in the West Midlands, but we can travel, not only all over the UK, but anywhere you would like to go with us. All travel and accommodation within mainland UK is included. You don’t have to be worried about any additional costs.

We will walk and talk you through from the moment you book with us until you receive your final gallery or products. You can always write to us, with any questions. Not only about photography. Remember what we’ve said before? We really like weddings and we are happy to help.

Our approach to wedding photography

strict? flexible? relaxed? so many questions….

Each wedding is unique. Each couple is unique.
You’ll never be “just another couple” with a number in our calendar.
For us – you are one of the kind.
Your wedding will be one of the kind.
Your special day will be the most special day not just for you, but also for us.

We will be there to capture moments and emotions that you can relive again and again after your Big Day. We will take photos of bright smiles and tender moments to remind you how you felt.

Because we understand your uniqueness we are not photographers with strict rules.

We are very flexible and open to sugestions, but we also can advice if you not sure.
Do you want to have a wedding photoshoot in Wales/Scotland/Iceland (insert whatever you like) and stand on a cliff with waves crashing behind you? We can go with you.
Maybe you have a dream of how the ceremony will look alike and you are worried that the photographer will not feel comfortable with your idea? We call it a challenge!

Your dog will walk you down the aisle? Bring it on, we are totally in!

It is your day, your dreams, your life and as photographers, we will be delighted to be a part of it and capture it for you.

Of course, we have wedding packages written down, but if you need to amend them, let us know! We will try our best to make sure, that our offer will tailor you in the way how you would like it to be.

We really love candid photography, as emotions and true feelings are really coming alive when people are not avare they are being photograph. You will se you day the way it was. 
Capturing those crazy moments which everyone will remember? With us you’ve got it covered. Want some formal photos? We will do them too, we know they are important as well.

The same goes with our photo albums.

Your wedding album will be designed as you wish. You are in charge and we will work with you, to develop the handcrafted, bespoke, perfect album.
We want you to say: Yes! This is exactly what I wanted!

Wedding day can be stressful. We think that your wedding photographer shouldn’t cause you any more stress.This is your day, you make decisions and we are there to make it work (and advice, if you need it ;) ). We know how and what to do to make it works.
Let us help you.

Two photographers

not one, but two… that’s right! two photographers

With us you’ll always get two photographers. Not only you will have photos from two different perspectives, but you can relax more knowing, that there is two of us to capture those precious moments.
During wedding preparation, one of us will be with a Bride the other one will cover the Groom’s preparation. Easy :)
At the wedding ceremony, when there are two photographers, we don’t have to run around the church to capture all those precious moments (and this also does not disrupt the ceremony itself).
So it is just easier and much more relaxed.
Not only for us – but also for you :)

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