Candid Wedding Photography – Iwona and Krzysztof Wedding Photos – Birmingham

Have you heard about candid wedding photography?
Based on the Wikipedia article, candid photography means:

“a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. This is achieved in many ways, for example:

  • when the subject is in motion,
  • by avoiding prior preparation of the subject,
  • without surprising the subject,
  • or by not distracting the subject during the process of taking photos.”

We had a chance to attend a wedding where candid wedding photography was the best way to capture all the special moments. We could see amazing smiles, moments filled with emotions and guests celebrating a big day for Iwona and Krzysztof.

The day started at Saint Mary’s Church in Harborne, where we’ve met a priest with a truly great sense of humour. It was a lovely ceremony where we could quietly photo shoot the bride and the groom from quite a distance (thanks to the big and heavy lenses we use :) Shortly after the ceremony, we went to the Prestige Suite Venue located in Smethwick where we had a wonderful time in a friendly atmosphere.

Thanks to the great people, amazing atmosphere and wonderful wedding party, we will remember this day forever.

You can find photos below:

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